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Everything You Need to Know about Cost of Dental Implants

The cost of tooth replacement may cause uncertainty to some folks. But when they do more research on it, they find that it’s a great long-term investment.

Nevertheless, you might have plenty of questions about this procedure. For starters, you might be concerned about the cost and how much you would have to pay out-of-pocket. Moreover, you may not be entirely sure if you’re getting your money’s worth.

Various factors determine the cost of dental implant treatment. For instance, factors like the location of missing teeth in the mouth, the types of implants, and any other procedures may significantly drive up the cost.

You may get partial coverage for your dental implant treatment if you have insurance. So, please read on to learn about the cost of dental implant treatment, how much your insurance might cover, and how much you would have to pay out-of-pocket.

Are Dental Implants Affordable?

When looking at tooth replacement options, dental implants are the most expensive option. Dental implants generally cost more than a fixed bridge or non-implant dentures. Nevertheless, the long-term return on investment tells a different story.

First of all, dental implants represent a much higher up-front cost because of their procedure. This procedure requires highly-trained dental health professionals. Also, careful planning is necessary before the procedure.

Most dentists can offer you a regular crown or bridge treatment. Only specialized professionals offer appropriate implants and restoration care.

Moreover, a dental implant procedure requires significant time and effort for dental professionals. The treatment implies producing a 3D image of your oral structure. A Cone Beam CT scanner is necessary for this process.

Then, each implant contains biocompatible titanium metal. This metal is essential to ensure a proper fit and adequate adaptation to the jaw and mouth.

Lastly, the procedure requires a local anesthetic. Nevertheless, some patients may require intravenous anesthesia. As a result, these elements influence the procedure’s overall cost.

What Does a Dental Implant’s Cost Include?

Various items factor into a dental implant’s cost.

Firstly, dental implants are the most expensive. They include the cost of manufacturing them and your dentist’s preparation time.

Also, if you have been missing teeth for a long time, you might have suffered bone loss. This condition may affect the implant procedure. Therefore, you might require a bone graft or sinus lifting.

Additionally, other elements like anesthesia and multiple visits may elevate the overall cost.


How Much Do Dental Implants Usually Cost?

A typical dental implant procedure comprises the following:

  • The dental implant device ranges from $1,000 to $3,000.
  • The abutment and crown for the implant can cost from $500 to $300.
  • The overall cost of a traditional dental implant hovers around $4,000.

What Is the Cost of a Single Dental Implant Treatment in the Houston Area?

The following chart shows the average cost of dental implant treatment in the Houston area and neighboring cities:



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Sugar Land










What Is the Cost of Multiple Dental Implants?

When there are multiple missing teeth, an implant bridge is an ideal solution. This solution provides a solid replacement for several teeth. The cost of multiple implants depends on the number of teeth and location in the mouth. Typically, a multiple implant bridge can range from $4,000 to roughly $30,000.

What Is the Cost of Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants function just like traditional implants. The difference is that mini implants are smaller than traditional ones. Overall, mini implants are less invasive and can reduce the cost by as much as half.

  • The cost of a single mini implant can range from $500 to $1,500.
  • The cost of a mini implant bridge for a lower denture set can range from $12,000 to $30,000.

What Is the Cost of an all-on-4 or 6 Dental Implant?

Patients who have lost all their teeth do not need a tooth-by-tooth replacement treatment. That kind of treatment would be too invasive and extremely expensive.

When you need a full dental replacement, your dentist may be able to secure full dentures on four or six implants. This treatment is an affordable alternative for those looking to regain their full set of teeth.

The average cost of an all-on-four treatment is roughly $30,000.

What Is the Cost of a Bone Graft Procedure?

A bone graft procedure consists of replacing a piece of missing or decayed bone. The graft usually comes from another part of the body or a donor. Using your body’s own bone is often slightly more costly. Using bone from other sources like synthetic material or a cadaver can be more cost-effective.

The cost for a single bone graft for a single dental implant is as follows:

  • Bone grafts from other sources such as a cow, synthetic material, or a cadaver can range from $250 to $1,000.
  • A bone graft from your body can cost around $2,000 to $3,000.

What Is the Cost of a Sinus Lift?

A sinus lift may be necessary when there is little room to implant upper teeth. This procedure may be necessary on one or both sides of your mouth.

The approximate cost of a sinus lift is $2,000 per side.

Why Shouldn’t You Cut Corners when Evaluating a Dental Implant Dentist?

While dental implants represent the highest upfront cost, they are the best long-term solution. More than 95% of eligible patients see successful outcomes from a dental implant procedure.

Other treatment options require periodic maintenance and replacement. For instance, non-implant prosthetics such as dentures require replacement every five to six years as your jawbone changes.

Treatments such as fixed bridges need anchoring within your existing teeth. Therefore, bridges may affect your teeth leading to future treatments. Moreover, fixed bridges also require replacing down the road.

In contrast, dental implants work extremely well with proper care and maintenance. Dental implants should last the patient’s lifetime. Therefore, they are an extremely effective alternative to other treatment options. This long-term effectiveness makes the upfront cost a worthwhile investment.

Here are some other benefits to consider when evaluating dental implants:

  • No need for adhesives.
  • No need to modify your diet or restrict certain foods.
  • Reduced risk of infection, blisters, or sores.
  • No need to replace existing teeth as a result of the procedure.

Does a Dental Insurance Policy Cover a Dental Implant Treatment?

The majority of dental insurance policies ask patients to choose the most cost-effective option. Thus, most dental insurance plans cover traditional bridges and crowns because they are cheaper than dental implants.

Nevertheless, it has become increasingly clear that dental implants offer the best option. Moreover, they provide a long-term solution. Consequently, several major dental insurance plans now cover dental implant treatments.

Please ensure your dental insurance policy covers dental implant treatments. Your policy can help you cover a portion of your overall treatment’s cost. So, it’s best to double-check how much your plan covers.