Wisdom Tooth Extractionin Katy, TX

Wisdom teeth are not something we normally think about. However, they can lead to lifelong dental and health problems if not there’s no space for them to grow out properly. Here at Peek Dentistry, we have state of the art Technology and highly trained dentists who can remove wisdom teeth safely and effectively. Our all inclusive pricing is affordable as well.


State of the art equipment for Wisdom Tooth Removal

We have a cone beam CT machine in our office that allows us to check your jaw before the surgery

  • High Degree of Accuracy
  • Ensure smoother and safer removal
  • Quick and Easy

Dr. Foust Is A Highly Experienced at Wisdom Tooth Removal

By choosing to partner with Dr. Foust, you or your child will be cared for by a dentist who has completed over 25,000 wisdom tooth removals and safely sedated 7,000 patients, ensuring the procedure is both fast and painless.

  • IV sedation ensures a comfortable and painless experience
  • Very experienced and gentle dentist
  • All Inclusive Pricing

Read About Patient Experience with Wisdom Tooth Removal

“Dr. Foust removed all 4 wisdom teeth for my 13 year old son and my 15 year old daughter in late 2019. Needless to say, this mom was concerned because of their young age and the open sockets! He was so calming, answered all of our questions and provided a follow-up call just to check on them. They were given clear instructions, healed quickly and had no complications.”

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