Emergency Dentist Katy Texas

If you live in Katy Texas, You might find that you need an emergency dentist. Dental emergencies are usually unexpected, and can land you in a lot of pain and health problems.

Emergency Dentist

Emegency dentist for your dental emergencies in Katy Texas

Our professional emergency dentist are well trained to handle most dental treatments. The well trained Dentists on our team can provide solutions to most of your dental emergencies. 

Emergency Dental Procedures

These are some of the dental procedures that should be done asap by a dentist.

Emergency Tooth Extraction

When you have pain or swellings from a broken and/or infected tooth, an extraction is needed to remove the source of the infection and hopefully stop the symptom from getting worse.

Emergency Root Canal

When a tooth is infected but is still strong, sometimes a root canal can be performed to remove the infection and allow you to keep the tooth.

Incision and Drainage

I&D is a procedure that’s widely used in dental clinics to treat an abscess. Sometimes when an infection gets so large, medicine alone have a hard time controlling it. Thus, sometimes the infections are physically drained out, so that way the medicine works better and usually creates instant relief for the patient.

What can the Emergency Room do for tooth pain?

Some patients end up with an urgent visit to an emergency room by trying to avoid routine preventative dental care. They believe they can save money by skipping their bi-yearly visit to the dentist, incorrectly believing they can see a medical doctor to address a severe toothache. If you decide to make that urgent trip to the hospital, with no assurance of a permanent solution, you might spend your money for nothing.

Most of the time, the emergency room can only stabilize the pain and infection, but only a licensed dentist in Katy Texas should perform the dental treatment. Emergency rooms usually cost a lot, with no assurance of a permanent solution for your dental issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pain or swelling from your teeth. Abscess. Fever. Broken fillings or parts of your tooth also counts.

The best thing to do is go to a dentist ASAP. Of course, if you cannot find a dentist that’s open during that time, you should go to the ER. However, a well trained emergency dentist is your best bet to get out of pain as soon as possible and is very likely to be more cost effective than going to the ER.

There are many ways to treat dental emergencies. The cost depends on which clinic you visit, as well as the severity/difficulty of the emergency. At Peek Dentistry, we have many payment options and accepts a wide range of dental insurances, which ensures you can take care of your dental emergency in an affordable way.